miércoles, 11 de julio de 2012

Happy father's day!

Hector Álvarez.
By: Juan Álvarez.

The word thanks to their different synonyms is perfect to define the feelings I want to express...
Thanks for divise me, although I tell you that I refused to listen
Thanks for telling bad jokes to lift me up
Thanks for always being by my side
Thanks for enduring my stupíd so many times
Thanks for impersonating Santa Claus to make me happy
Thanks for letting me keep the money that was left on purchase...


What do you have in your back pack?

1. I have glasses in my backpack.
2. I have a book in my backpack.
3. I have  notebook in my backpack.
4. I have student card in my backpack.
5. I have a test sheets in my backpack.
6. I have pen in my backpack.
7. I have pencil in my backpack.
8. I have eraser in my back pack.
9. I have a keys in my backpack.

Grammatical Practice.

The perfect gift for my father.

The perfect gift for my father would be a cell phone of last generation. Why a cell phone last generation?, I think it's because he is very curious.

What are you doing?

1. They are dancing
2. She is singing.
3. He is painting.
4. She is taiking coffee.
5. He is swimming.
6. She is listening to music.